The thin, sheer silk of my risqué dress, can’t hide,

Those hard, straining nipples, which stand out with such pride,

Hardened from my excitement, as well as the cold,

Eliciting stares from others, that’s openly bold,

My modest blushing, when I notice them staring,

For obvious, no undergarments I’m wearing,

Your knee brushes against mine beneath the counter,

Both relishing, this planned romantic encounter,

As the barman dispenses the chilled pink champagne,

His attempts not to stare at my breasts, are in vain,

But knowing people are looking, gets me excited,

For in attracting admirers, I’ve always delighted.


And I cannot help but feel terrible aroused,

Knowing that at my breasts, people lustily browsed,

From pit of my stomach, I feel that spreading heat,

Looking up at you and our eyes, knowingly meet,

My thumb’s tender circling, on the palm of your hand,

And press of knee against your thigh, makes lusts expand,

Leaning forward to allow dress’s top to gape,

So your eyes can feast on my curvaceous landscape,

As you gaze all the way down to the navel,

Past those lush womanly curves you’d love to fondle,

Long tumbling hair, makes me look like a gypsy,

Martinis and now champagne having made us tipsy.


As I feel that dampness welling between the thighs,

“I feel so horny.” I whisper, with sparkling eyes.

”Let’s go strait up to your room, and skip the theatre.”

Then get up and stalk through bar like a predator,

The thin material of the dress does not hide,

Way buttocks, ripple sexily from side to side,

And breasts suggestive jiggle, from lack of support,

Wicked smile crosses my lips from a naughty thought,

As we ride up in very crowded elevator,

Discreetly rubbing bulge to make arousal greater,

As we get to our floor, and make the way to your suite,

Unfastening dress and letting it puddle round feet.

Strut naked down corridor, and put card in the slot,

Hoping you’ll be pleased with the loving you’ve so long sought,


As The Sun Sets


Breathtaking sunset reddens the sky,

Lights start flickering across the bay,

Leaning against pillar as we kiss,

Intensely, as our sleek squirming tongues play,

With your fingers, exploring me slowly,

Groaning into mouth, hands onto breast stray.



As nipples yearningly ache for your touch,

Unfastening the sarong I’m wearing,

Pulling your mouth away, to kiss downward,

My large sumptuous breasts, you’re baring,

Sucking at those pink nipples greedily,

That neighbours might see us, well past caring.



Ache between thighs almost unbearable,

Press of bodies, does so sensually please,

Raising your mouth up, to kiss me again,

My hands descend and rampant cock frees,

Find how eager it is for attention,

As I push you back and drop to my knees.



Little drop of fluid, glistens on head,

My long tongue flicks out, to savour the taste,

Then take you deep into warmth of my mouth,

Slowly moving up and down in no haste,

Flicking my tongue round that sensitive rim,

As my hands pull the shorts down from your waist.



Fingers entangle in wayward dark locks,

As you very gently push my head down,

Forcing your cock deeper down my throat,

As the cicadas song heralds the sundown,

My head bobs up and down for a short while,

Then the tongue runs once more over the crown.



Before I stand up, my need obvious,

With hand between thighs, probing my wetness.

Such molten heat sheaths your probing fingers,

Groaning as body writhes in lewd wildness,

As I rub clit against palm of your hand,

And fingers rub inside my moist hotness.



Remove fingers and grasping my buttocks,

Lifting me up, thighs wrapping around waist,

Burying hardness, in one fluid motion,

As my back against rough brick pillar placed,

Which I hardly notice in our passion,

Soft breasts against hard chest, flatten and paste.



Face buries in the flesh of your shoulder,

Adjusting to you filling my moist heat,

And rub of your hair against my hard clit,

Then hips start moving to that carnal beat,

I’m so turned on it only takes minutes,

Before teeth bite into shoulder’s fleshy meat.



As I explode, in those waves of pleasure,

My orgasmic scream stifled by your flesh,

And thrusting hips continue to screw me,

As each new wave makes me tremble afresh,

Till you cannot hold back any longer,

And new spasm makes me again wildly thresh.



Raising up my head as you set me down,

And my brilliant grin lights up my face,

Tenderly kissing me on the forehead,

As heart slowly resumes its normal pace,

Taking your head between my hands,

Loving kisses over face, slowly trace..



Pulling sheet from you, exposing left breast,

Sucking nipple till hard, between my lips,

Then tongue over belly to dark curls, slips,

Opening legs, enabling tongue’s quest,

Tasting pussy’s sweetness, knowing I’m blest,

Teasing hardening clit, as tongue small bump flips,

Hands reach up to pinch, hard protruding nips,

While your fingers with my gypsy curls messed,

Knowing we’re both aroused as the other,

Positioning legs, so that pussies kiss,

Rubbing against you, making you shudder,

Slowly grinding to orgasmic abyss,

Biting your lip, as your screams you smother,

When finally have that moment of bliss.


Pleasure and Pain

Lowering head to kiss once at the tip,

Massaging balls and stroking up and down,

Then  letting moist lips, caress over crown,

Before down to your balls, my tongue does slip,

Licking scrotum, before teeth gently nip,

From pain and pleasure, softly moan and frown,

Stroking cock, over balls tongue goes around,

Up to tip of cock, kisses softly trip

Pausing to gaze upward into your eyes,

That look of excitement and wantoness,

Your smouldering eyes, just cannot disguise,

Nibbling at your glans, know I have your trust,

As I trust you implicitly, likewise.

Towards mouth, your hips impatiently thrust.


Wonder if groans, are of pleasure or pain,

As I bite gently, all over the head,

Knowing that this prolonged teasing, you dread,

I scrape my fingernail, down throbbing vein,

Finally  take you into mouth, again,

Giving you the relief, for which you pled,

Into back of throat,  your cock does embed,

Just keeping you there, driving you insane.

Humming around your flesh, making you gasp,

Finally start sucking hard, up and down,

As fingers around your balls, tightly clasp,

When I sense you’re getting near, don’t slowdown.

And at your seeping precum, tongue does rasp,

Then around spurting cock, mouth does clampdown.



Feather like caresses over breast’s curves,
Thumbs strumming taut nipples through bra’s thin lace,
Eyes locked upon yours, wanton lust observes,
Undoing clasp, that holds lush curves in place,
Displaying your nipples to hungry eyes,
Lowering mouth, as teeth close round left one,
Flickering tongue causing shudders and sighs,
Moving to right, so it shares in the fun,
Fingers sliding into curls of my hair,
Back arching to push deeper into mouth,
Surrendering to me without a care,
Enslaved to inferno blazing down south.

Inching jeans down over curvaceous hips,
Finding out that today you’re commando,
Drops of arousal glistening on lips,
Falling to knees, sensual licks bestow,
Hooking your long legs over my shoulders,
As tongue runs up and down that seeping slit,
Pressing tongue in deep, where passion smoulders,
Then moving up to that hard, throbbing clit,
Sucking into mouth, as knees close round head,
Back arching again, as urgency grows,
Probing fingers, that so deeply embed,
Stroking g-spot causing orgasmic throes.

Sliding back up over trembling flesh,
Tender kisses over your flushed face traced,
My fingers into your damp hair enmesh,
Before my lips find yours and share the taste,
Both knowing that this moment’s so special,
Your soft hazel eyes, start filling with tears,
As I whisper that you’re so beautiful,
Know that you’ve found one who genuinely cares,
Slow, loving kiss reigniting passion,
Soft lips down my body sensually stray,
Making love in such exquisite fashion,
The perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.



Deepened kiss, lips parting for welcome intrusion,

Encouraging moan, escaping back of my throat,

Senses spinning from excitable confusion,

As your fingers pinch nipple’s aroused protrusion.


Hand sliding under my top, unfastening the bra,

Then pulling it and the tank top, over my head,

Breasts flatten to chest, hands at your jeans’ buttons paw,

Pulling down jeans, at large bobbing manhood, shock and awe.


Kneeling, showering kisses over hardening cock,

Licking from his balls to the tip of that throbbing shaft,

Taking as much as I can, till head does throat block,

Swirling tongue and sucking, pleasuring your hard stalk,


Finally pulling back, because I need some air,

Yours hands raise me up, and then lower panties and shorts,

Your lustful gaze sees I’m totally devoid of hair,

Pulling me with you, as you sit down on the chair.


Turning me round, grabbing my hips, pulling me down,

Facing away from you, my pussy is dripping wet,

As I feel my engorged lips, parted by your large crown,

Sliding big cock in further, my wet heat does surround,


Slamming myself down, taking every inch of you,

Feeling your hard cock inside, throbbing with excitement,

Slowly moving up and down, then the momentum grew,

Trying not to come, until I sense that your nearly due,


Fingers tighten their grip, upon my trembling thighs,

Grinding down hard, as my hot wetness finally floods,

Your deep guttural grunt, matches my soft ecstatic sighs,

Strong arms hold me tight, in moment of mutual highs.

Every Last Drop

Large pink nipples, perking against my blouse,
Yearning for moist attention, of your tongue,
Protruding, as they are achingly sprung,
Capturing your interest, as they arouse.

My curvaceous breasts, now bared and heaving,
Awaiting caress of your fingertips,
And erect nipples, the kiss of your lips,
That you’re aroused, easily perceiving.

Breathing quickens, as my moistened lips part.
As nipple feels your tongue’s rough, swirling lash,
Arching my head back, as teeth start to gnash,
And between my legs, fingers start to dart.

Heat between legs, liquifies my insides, 
Tearing off your clothes, in my urgent need, 
Until hard, straining cock, finally freed,
Into my liquid heat, stretchingly slides.
Clawing your back, begging you not to stop,
Feeling you cumming, as harsh thrusting slows,
Clamping around you, in orgasmic throes,
Wanting, needing to drain every last drop.